Is Y.A.C.S. the diet for you?

Y.A.C.S. is a somewhat restrictive diet that takes determination and effort to abide by. The good news is that if it’s the right diet for you it could make you feel a great deal better. An elimination diet can help you learn what you are sensitive to. If you want to trial the Y.A.C.S. diet then view the list of banned/allowed foods or stick solely to recipes from the recipe section for a suggested minimum period of 2 weeks. However you may already have some idea of what your sensitivities are, if so, choose Y.A.C.S if:

  • You have wondered if you might have a yeast sensitivity after eating bread or other yeast derived products such as Citric Acid or certain B Vitamins (thiamine and niacin) such as is found in multi-vitamin formulas or enriched flour.
  • You feel even mildly confused or develop ‘brain fog’ after exposure to common chemicals such as perfumes.